Technical Audits

When you need to know

Focused Technologies is constantly expanding its knowledge and understanding of modern information systems and other technical environments. Our audits are vital to our clients, allowing them to evaluate their existing environments with confidence. While the purpose of a financial audit is to only evaluate an organizations accounting practices, an IT audit can satisfy various aspects of environmental inquiry. Frequently we assist organization’s with asset management, network diagramming, software licensing, and security or risk profile.

Managed Audit Services

Our full suite of managed service and remote access tools are installed on each workstation and server which allows for the most detailed reporting we offer. Additionally, our managed anti-virus and malware protection software suites are installed. These audits are partially completed on-site, the majority is completed remotely.

Usage Case – A company committed to improving their existing infostructure and looking for a detailed roadmap to do so. They also plan to have their IT solutions managed and maintained moving forward. This is the quickest and most complete path to those goals.

Light Audit

Only our remote access tools are installed on each workstation and server which allows for quick reporting and assessment, the results are less granular than those provided by our managed service tools. Partially completed on-site, the majority is completed remotely.

Usage Case – A company who is interested in having their IT solutions evaluated but may not be ready to have them fully managed or upgraded. The audit provides the company with a roadmap of what should be done to improve their infostructure. It also allows us to offer remote support should they need it.

Independent Audit

The audit is generally completed almost fully on-site with no installation of our tools. This option takes the most time to complete.

Usage Case – A company who already has a managed service provider or an internal IT department. These audits are generally done when a second opinion or set of eyes are needed to evaluate a company’s existing infostructure.

Audit Outline

Current Provider Records (ex. IT, copier, internet, phone bills)****

Software Licensing & Subscriptions (ex. Office 365, QuickBooks, AutoCAD)

Existing Documentation (ex. network maps, password lists, and hardware inventory

Workstations (ex: Laptops & Desktops)

  • Make/Model/Serial/OS/Resources/End User/Software Installs/Physical
  • Location/Warranty/Activation Status/Firewall State/UPS Availability

Network-based Devices (ex. Switches, Wireless Access Points, Copiers/Printers, IP Phones)

  • Make/Model/Serial/Network Address/Physical Location/UPS Availability

Physical & Virtual Servers (ex. Hyper-V, Virtual Machines)

  • Make/Model/Serial/Network Address/Physical Location/Software Installs/Warranty
  • Activation Status
  • Role Installations & Configurations
  • Scheduled Tasks
  • Services Running
  • Data Resources
    1. Shared Data – Locations/Permissions/Space Requirements
    2. Software – Locations/Space Requirements
    3. Databases – Locations/Space Requirements
    4. Volume Shadow Copy checks
  • Backup Sets
    1. Sources
    2. Destinations – Local/Off-site
    3. Type – Full/Incremental/Differential
    4. Schedule
    5. Retention
  • Active Directory
    1. Organizational Unit Structure
    2. Users – Active/Inactive
    3. Security Groups
    4. Service Accounts
  • Group Policy Objects
    1. Network Security
    2. User Configurations
    3. Computer Configurations
  • Resources
    1. Utilization
    2. Availability
    3. Expansion feasibility
  • Network Interface Card Configuration
  • Firewall State
  • Microsoft best practice evaluation
    1. Document errors and warnings
  • Power Redundancy & UPS Availability

Networking Configurations

  • Exploratory Network Scan
  • DHCP Services (routing)
  • DNS Services (name resolution)
  • Remote Services
    1. Remote Desktop
    2. Virtual Private Network
  • External Firewall
  • Internal Switches

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