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There are numerous ways to access your E-Mail in today’s high-tech world. Traditionally, access has been through E-Mail clients such as Microsoft Outlook. As technology has changed E-Mail is now available through websites and on mobile devices such as phones, tablets and laptops at a moment’s notice. While this is obvious for most people you should know that not all methods of instant access are created equal. You may be able to check your E-Mail but you could be missing out on features you don’t even know exist. The goal of Focused Technologies is to make sure you are getting the most out of your E-Mail and can show you what you may have been missing.

Give The Inbox A Break and Filter Spam Earlier

Many Spam messages are commercial by nature, but these messages may also contain disguised links that appear to be for familiar websites; this is type of spam is called phishing. Industry experts agree that a staggering 93% of phishing emails now contain encryption ransom-ware and many are opened by end users who don’t understand they are the targets of carefully crafted social engineering. Focused Technologies hosted spam filtering solutions helps blocking spam before it ever enters your network.

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