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Managed services are gaining traction among SMBs at a time when 47 percent of these companies do not have a web presence.

Learn what your small business needs to know about managed services, including how it can help your business thrive.


The easiest way of understanding managed IT services is that it provides small businesses with an affordable way to avoid the common break-fix model. This wait for it to break and then fix it model results in lost productivity and loss of sales revenues.

In break-fix, business owners call in tech support when something is broken, then pay for a fix. With break-fix, companies pay only for services rendered. While this sounds economical, it has serious disadvantages.

All too often, the break-fix model leads to businesses relying on outmoded equipment, which they pay to fix even though it no longer meets their needs. Small businesses often do not have the capital left over to get on board with new IT trends, let alone protect their assets from cyber threats.

In a managed services environment, small businesses hire a managed service provider (or MSP) to provide all or a subset of their IT needs, such as data storage, disaster recoverynetwork monitoring, and cyber security.

MSPs provide IT services and all of the preventative maintenance that’s required, such as applying patches or running network scans. Companies can scale up their plan as their business grows or their needs change. Meanwhile, their IT budget is able to purchase next-generation resources that ultimately protect the business much better than the break-fix approach.

Why Switch to Managed Services?

Understanding how managed services differ from the break-fix model shines a light on some of its benefits. But why should a small business make the switch to a managed services provider like Focused Technologies?

Top reasons to switch include: 

  • Better protection from threats – Keeping up with cyber threats is a full-time job. Let your managed services provider worry about monitoring the network for threats, patching software, and updating anti-virus software, and protecting your data from threats.
  • Problems get fixed proactively – MSPs take a proactive approach to their job, which means that IT problems can get fixed before they can negatively impact your business. If you’ve ever had a server malfunction shutter productivity for the afternoon, you’ll understand how this can make a difference for your company.
  • You can focus on your goals – If you’re currently dedicating your time to problem solving IT issues, you’ll reclaim free time by making the switch. With a dedicated MSP to focus on IT tasks, you can focus on growing your business not troubleshooting technology again. If you have an in-house IT team, they’ll be able to tackle those passion projects that get shoved on the back burner every time there’s a network issue.
  • Get what you need, not what you can afford – Due to economies of scale, managed services are often a better deal for small businesses and a way to access in-demand services, such as data analytics or business intelligence. Rather than keep paying to fix that old equipment, pay for the IT services you need to stay competitive by outsourcing with managed services.

If you’re ready to make the switch, contact us at 330-247-2407 to see if we serve your business niche. We want to be your managed services provider.

It’s critical to identify a service provider that speaks your language, so many small businesses find it helpful to get referrals for MSPs who know their industry intimately.

Speak with us, a managed service provider, to learn what we can offer your business.  We will be happy to answer any and all of your questions and gather the information you need to move forward with confidence.

Once you make the switch, you’ll wonder why you waited so long — and you won’t look back to the days of break-fix!

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