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One of the many challenges facing organizations today is striking a balance between an employee’s ability to work productively, providing flexible access to information systems, and ensuring the safety and security of those systems (especially the data they contain). Employees play a significant role in IT security, and communicating that role is paramount to maintaining a secure infrastructure. Focused Technologies has found that many employees are not only unaware of what policies your organization may have in place, but many organizations don’t even have an Acceptable Use Policy to protect their systems and inform their employees. Below is a link to a sample Acceptable Use Policy which provides guidelines for employees to follow when accessing your organization’s IT systems and the data stored on those systems. As part of comprehensive it services for small business, we believe this policy strikes an effective balance between access and security, all while clarifying the employee’s role in securing your organizations data.

At the end of the policy is a list of network resources that a given employee is granted access to, we recommend having a copy of this list on file for each employee. Providing this document to your IT network administrator can prove extremely helpful in ensuring your organization’s information systems remain safe and secure in the event of an employee’s dismissal from your organization.

Focused Technologies Sample Acceptable Use Policy

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