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ETNA Products is a specialty lubricant manufacturer specializing in customizing products for their customers. Size: 30 Employees, 5 are remote sales reps.


  • Owner had no idea if their in-house staff was efficient or effective
  • No clear IT budgets
  • Staff couldn’t reliably access data remotely
  • Weren’t sure if technology they were buying was going to scale with their business
  • Needed consistent access to e-mail, contacts, and calendar
  • Backup system was dependent on tapes being swapped out by a person


  • Worked with client 4 hours a week, within a month staff was telling us things were already running better
  • Worked closely with management to develop a realistic long-term budget, and stuck to it
  • Set up the client’s ERP software as a remote app that could be securely accessed from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Installed and maintained Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Implemented our off-site backup system that automatically encrypts and backs up client’s critical data


Client’s costs cut in half using us over internal IT staff, productivity increased, accessibility increased (especially outside the office), salesmen were more effective. Employees felt more in the loop on issues, network was more secure. Data recovery in the event of accidental deletions or failures happened significantly faster, Staff had consistent access to mail, contacts, calendars which helped make scheduling more efficient, and helped them respond to their customers faster.

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