Over The Air Update Available for Droid DNA
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Over The Air Update Available for Droid DNA

Over The Air Update Available for Droid DNA

New Update Available for the HTC Droid DNA:

The update addresses the following;

  • Bluetooth connectivity and volume level for specific models have been improved
  • Enhanced reliability and stability of the Contacts List have been made
  • Enhanced Recent Apps functionality has been improved
  • Incoming messages display with the correct timestamp
  • Improvements to Hotspot connectivity have been made
  • Improvements to Audio Quality for wired headsets and earpieces have been made
  • Improvements to default browser for zooming capability have been made
  • User can load videos on HuluPlus
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity has been improved

Getting Started

Before you proceed with the update, make sure you have done the following:

– Your device is currently running Software number 1.15.605.4 710RD.
– Set aside approximately 20 minutes to allow the device to update.
– Connect the device to a charger.
– Ensure the battery is charged to at least 25%.

Installation instructions

1. From the home screen, tap All apps
2. Tap Settings
3. Tap Software update
4. Tap Check new
5. You will be notified that new software is available. Tap OK to start download.
6. Once the update is completed, tap OK to proceed with the software installation.
7. Installation will begin and device will reboot several times during the installation process.
8. Once the installation completes, device will start up on its own. Once you unlock your device, you will be greeted with a pop up box. Tap OK to dismiss the notification

You will be able to use your device. Congratulations, your device has now been updated to 2.04.605.2 710RD.

Important Information:

– If you choose the Defer option, you will have to set a date and time to start the process. You can also manually install by going to Settings > Software update > Install deferred SW and choose Yes for the pop box that appears.

– If the system update fails to install, you will get an error screen. However, this only means the software did not install properly. Long press the Power key to reboot the device. The device will power back on with original software and you can follow the installation instructions above to upgrade the software.

– If your battery level is too low, the installation will not proceed. You will need to charge your device until it has enough battery power to continue. The update will not proceed if you less than 25% battery life left.

– If the device is in roaming condition, it will not able to initiate any software update connection including network initiated or user initiated session. The Check new option in Software update will be grayed out.

– To identify your software information, you can go to Settings > About phone > Software information. After performing the update, it should show 2.04.605.2 710RD.