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If you are a current user of Evernote, be aware that your password has probably been reset, and your e-mail/password combination may have been exposed. Evernote was the victim of an attack that has a similar appearance to other attacks over the past several weeks on companies such as; Facebook, Twitter, and Apple. The previous attacks seem to focus on exploits of older versions of Java (make sure to you keep your java up to date). This particularly sophisticated attack seems to not have used a Java exploit, and was able to decrypt many user’s passwords. In an effort to remain as secure as possible Evernote has elected to reset everyone’s password. You can set up your new password by clicking here:

As a precaution if you have received a notification that your password has been reset, if you use the same e-mail address and password combination for other broadly used services (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, E-commerce sites, Amazon etc…) it would be a good time to change your password for those services as well.

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